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The Oathsworn before the Reeve

The Oathsworn is a heavy role-play, military-themed kinship on the Landroval Server. A band of warriors and non-combatants sworn to each other’s equal service, our duty is not to Lord or Land, but to Love and Loyalty. Victims of the changing spirit of Rohan, and beset by the vengeance of the nobility and Grima Wormtongue, advisor to the king, the Oathsworn are exiled from the Mark. Undaunted by the King’s decree, they fight where they can, seeking not to redeem their names and honor but only to thwart the forces of the true enemy in every land.

Our mission as role-players is to portray characters not only as accurately to Tolkien's lore as possible, but to his history. We do not embody the legends of the Tolkien verse, idealized by high style and time, but the people who would have lived in that fantasy scape as if it were reality. Since our founding in 2008, we have striven to promote high quality, meaningful role play through collaborative events, in-depth character interaction, and the forming of a detailed and dynamic, continuous storyline.

We are a tight-knit group of gamers with a down to earth, mature attitude towards the game and our fellow community. Our kinship atmosphere is jovial, enthusiastic, and supportive. Though we are primarily made up of Rohirric nobility, we recruit a variety of characters from different races and cultures.

We welcome you to browse our site, our logs and forums. If you are interested in joining us, roleplaying with us, or collaborating on an event or storyline, you may contact an administrator via the site or in game. If you see us around, give us a shout, or pull us into a scene. We look forward to role playing with you.

Note: This is not the Oathsworn of Windfola. For the Oathsworn on the Windfola server, visit their website: http://www.windfolaoathsworn.guildportal.com/.

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